Local businesses buying advertising directly from other local businesses.

What is AdPatron?
If a local photographer buys advertising at the local day care center, not only does the day care center earn money, but the photographer gets dozens of parents calling. This type of advertising is unique. It tells consumers that the local business they trust also trusts another local business, and that you should do business with them. Only with Organic Advertising™ can businesses effective advertise their products/services at other local businesses.
We've created our website to allow local businesses to buy and sell advertising directly with each other. Any local business looking to buy advertising can register, then post into our directory. Other local businesses can then send offers for their advertising. The same thing works for those selling advertising, other local businesses will contact them directly if they wish to buy. We even allow trading.
We're a new company based on Dallas, Texas. We invite every local business to try it out, and we'd love your feedback if you have any. We do not collect a commission, nor will we ever charge a fee to search, post, or even contact other local businesses. We support every method of advertising; print, billboards, signage, sponsorship, social media, mobile, web, television, and radio.
We break down listings into two categories, products and services. Every local business breaks down into these two, but then we have sub categories for clothing, restaurants, music venues, photographers, dry cleaners, bands, even local softball teams can get sponsors with AdPatron.
How to use AdPatron.
We believe in simplicity, so we'll tell you exactly how AdPatron works with just two steps.
1. The easiest way for those buying and selling advertising is to register, then post into our directory. Our directory is the back bone of our website, it tells the whole community what advertising you wish to buy, or sell. Other local businesses can make contact because of step 2.
2. Every post goes into our directory, which can be searched by the two main categories, services and products, then searched by the dozens upon dozens of sub categories. Local businesses wishing to buy or sell advertising can submit offers directly to those listings.
Was that too simple? It really is that easy. No one collects a commission, and we'll never charge a fee to search, post, or submit offers.
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